Healing03mom | Happy June-Here is a look into my past week
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Happy June-Here is a look into my past week

Happy June-Here is a look into my past week

I was so excited to launch my new website this week.  I decided to re-vamp the entire site with the help of a professional.  My intent is to do much more blogging about what’s going on each week with me.  We always think that things are better in other peoples lives, so I wanted to be candid with you and share some of the things that happen to me on a daily basis.  We are here on this earth to experience all the wonder and challenges that can come with living a human life.  Think of each and every experience as a blessing and a lesson.

The week began with a baby shower !  I have not been at a shower in a long time and the baby showers I go to now are for my friends, whose children are now having children.  The joy of a new birth is exciting !  Hard to believe that it has been sixteen years since I have given birth.  Honestly, it feels like yesterday.  This was a very fun party and I enjoyed being with one of my closest friends and her family.  Take time to spend with your friends-it is important to see how they bring joy into your life.

This week the weather was incredible.  Anytime I could spend outside I did.  My garden on the deck is growing by leaps and bounds !  Lucy, one of my cats has grown addicted to laying out on the deck.  The other cat, Tux is a runner !  Tux is not allowed outside and I think Lucy enjoys rubbing it in.  The sound of the birds and the leaves rustling soothe my soul.

Most of you were aware that the full moon happened on Friday June 9th.  This moon was so bright !  My crystals loved the moonlight bath and I enjoyed a beautiful releasing fire that evening.

Friday was also Tim’s last day of his Sophmore year.  Of course we didn’t get a picture of him on his last day, but here he is sporting his temporary license.  He plans on a lot of driving time this summer in anticipation of getting his license in fall.  Tim is also going to be applying for jobs this summer.  Let’s hope it is somewhere where he can bike or walk to !  He is a great person and a great student.  Very proud of his academic success.

I ended the week on a healthy note.  The Bellin Run here in Green Bay, Wisconsin is in its 41st year.  This is a family event and I am proud to have done the last two years with my brother Steve.  We plan on doing this at least until the 50th year of the run.  I have done the Bellin quite a few times in the past, but have really enjoyed the past few years with my brother.  The Bellin is a 10K run/walk.  We walked and finished in 1:50, by the end of the day I had almost put in 10 miles of steps !  I have been focusing on my health and have made quite a few changes in the past few weeks in my diet as well.  I just want to be healthy to enjoy the rest of my time here on the earth.  I have a lot of plans for travel !

Many blessings this week to all of you !

Sandy Ruminski