Healing03mom | What’s happening this week-Summer Solstice coming soon
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What’s happening this week-Summer Solstice coming soon

What’s happening this week-Summer Solstice coming soon

I know it is not officially summer here, but it has been nice and hot and everything is lush !  The summer solstice is coming up next week and I’m super excited to be ushering that in on my retreat.  This week I went in for an eye appointment, I had not realized that it had been over three years since I had my eyes checked.  I was one of the fortunate people that never had to have glasses until my late 40’s.  It seems so strange to wear glasses-I’ve tried contacts and they just don’t work for me.  I treated myself to a new pair of frames !  They have Hawaiian flowers on the sides, which you can’t see in the picture.


I am fortunate to work at a business during the day that has a wooded walking trail.  There are several deer, turkeys, different birds and a beautiful Sandhill Crane family.  The other week I was so happy to see mom, dad and baby !  This week I started out on the trail and this crane walked right in front of me and then continued to walk with me for a few minutes.  I like to believe they can feel my love for animals and that is why he stayed with me.  Beautiful creatures-so prehistoric looking.  I love getting out of the building and taking a break by walking this beautiful wooded habitat.


This week was also the first full week of summer vacation from school for Tim.  Tim and a few friends decided they wanted to see a movie a few days ago and I had them all in the car with me.  The skies started looking ominous and all of a sudden we had warnings on our phones and the city alarms started going off.  There was a tornado warning, which is kind of rare for us here in Wisconsin.  We were a few miles from our house and the skies looked tamer going back to our house, so we headed in that direction.  About a block before our house the winds started picking up and branches started scattering all over the road-we pulled into the garage and headed to the basement.  The kids enjoyed playing Uno (luckily I grabbed it and the cats on the way down) and waited out the storm.  We never lost power and our yard looked fine.  Strange how a block away a few trees went down and our block was fine.  The Green Bay area did lose power in some parts of the city and there was considerable damage.  We are reminded that we live on a planet with changing weather and that we have no control over.  Just glad that everyone was fine and we weathered the storm.  We were treated to this beautiful sunset picture after the storm passed.

I’m ending the week by starting a 10 day retreat out West.  I’m looking forward to investing in my own spiritual growth.  I love helping others, but sometimes you have to help yourself !  If you are thinking about a reading, I will be back at the end of the month and have some openings in July.  I plan on trying to do a podcast during my retreat-so watch for that coming up next week.



I hope you enjoy the summer solstice-I will be posting pictures on my facebook page !

Many Blessings,

Sandy Ruminski