Healing03mom | I’m back from vacation and here is a recap
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I’m back from vacation and here is a recap

I’m back from vacation and here is a recap

I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a four day retreat in a remote part of Utah last month.  I was apprehensive about this adventure, but my angels and guides kind of insisted that I attend.  I fought it almost up to the day I left.  Sometimes spirit knows what’s best for you, so it is important to listen to that inner voice.  I’m really glad that I listened !  I met some new forever friends and truly found my spiritual tribe.  We did a lot of soul searching and releasing, which felt good.  I didn’t realize the impact it did have on me until I got home.  It took me almost a week to recover from my adventure.  I have been having these wild vivid dreams and I think I’m releasing things that I was unaware of.  We spent our days working on activities and learning new concepts.  I loved the medicine wheel and the Akashic records sessions.  We did a lot of sound healing, which I really enjoyed.  We did sleep in tents, of course they were  very comfortable.  The days were hot and the nights were much colder-that’s how it is in the mountains !  I highly recommend any type of retreat that Monica and John offer.  Click Here to learn more about Creekside Abundance.

Part two of my vacation was five days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The goal was to see Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons National Park.   We drove about six hours through Utah, part of Idaho and Wyoming from our retreat site.  The landscape was incredible.  Pictures do not do this area justice.  We spent some time shopping in Jackson Hole-which was fun.  We stayed at a a great Inn a little bit out of town, which worked out great.  We drove to Yellowstone one day and enjoyed a lot of the Geyser’s-including Old Faithful.  I was fortunate to have seen Bison up close and personal.  We also saw Elk, Antelope, Coyote and several birds and marmots.  We did not see bears, which I guess is a good thing !  The waterfalls are amazing-they had record snow this past year and that makes for strong waterfall viewing.  We also spent a day in the Tetons.  We took a boat ride across Jenny Lake and hiked a few trails.  I really loved the Tetons, even more than Yellowstone.  The views were amazing.  We ended our vacation by going to the National Wildlife Museum, which was much more than I expected.  There were several well known artists like Andy Warhol that had artwork in this museum.  This a a hidden treasure in this area.  The images above are commissioned artwork by Andy Warhol.  Vacations are great, but it was good to get back home.  It has taken me a week to catch up with everything !

I ended the week by attending my Niece’s sons third birthday party at my Mom’s house.  Here are a few pictures of her beautiful gardens.  I also was able to get a new podcast up and running.  Please check it out by Clicking Here .  This month I discuss my Utah retreat, the animal totem is Raven, the crystal is Crackle Quartz.  I also discuss what Zuni Fetishes are.  Make this week a great week and I’ll update you on what is coming up next week !

Many Blessings,