Mediumship Readings & Group Readings


Personal  Mediumship Readings 

The most special of all readings is the one on one reading.  Sometimes it is just nice to have a private reading.   This is for a one on one-in person reading. You can expect messages from your angels and spirit guides, as well as signs and messages from those that have passed.  It is not unusual to have pets come through as well. I have a digital recorder and will send you the file of your reading via email.    I always recommend either recording or writing down the messages you receive.  The private reading is for one person, but you can bring up to two other people to listen in.  I will record your messages and send them to you after your reading.  My readings are done at my home office in Green Bay, Wisconsin.    If you choose to go with a phone reading, I use free conference call to record the reading.    It doesn’t matter where you are-a phone reading is a nice option for those of you that are out of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, or just like being in the comfort of your own home.

$60.00 Private In-Person Mediumship Reading-30 minutes-NEW

$120.00   Private In-Person personal reading-One Hour

$45.00 Private Phone Reading-30 Minutes-NEW

    $90.00  Private phone reading -One Hour



Group Readings/Special Events

Group readings are a nice way to share messages with a group of family and friends.  This is a two hour event, with a maximum of four people.  I have done bigger groups, but felt that the messages were too short.  With four people, each of you gets about a twenty five minute reading.  You can choose to have all of the readings done in one room, or have a private room for individual sessions.  These group readings are so much fun and most people choose to share their messages in a group setting.  If you want more people to attend, to just listen in and not experience a reading, they can attend for an additional $20.00 charge.  A lot of times, people want to experience the readings, but don’t want readings themselves.  This is a nice option if you plan on having a larger gathering.  Group readings can be done at your home, if you are within the Green Bay, Wisconsin area.  I can also open my home to you for the group reading.

$45.00 per person, minimum four-maximum six  (2 hour session)  $180.00 minimum for two hours

To schedule any of the above readings, please email me at, or call me at 920-366-4473.   I accept Paypal, credit cards,  Cash or personal checks. 

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Special Event Booking-large group setting

I am also available for gallery readings at public events or parties.  If you are looking for an entertaining evening in a larger group setting, 5-20 people – I offer gallery readings.  This would be a mediumship demonstration, kind of like what the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo does on her tour dates.  You pick the venue you would like to rent-hire me to just come in and entertain the crowd for two hours.  Not everyone in your group will be read, but it is fun to listen to the messages that do come through.  Most hotels have some type of conference room setting and can set everything up for you.  If it is in the Green Bay area, there is no charge for transportation costs.  If it is out of the area-we will discuss travel costs.  This is a two hour event.

$500.00-paid for at the time of the event (48 hour cancellation policy-if canceled after 48 hours a $100.00 cancelation fee will be charged)

Mediumship Demonstration/Large Entertainment Venue

I also offer large venue demonstrations.  This would be for 21 or more people in a professional setting.  If you are a business and would like to offer a mediumship entertainment show please contact me for pricing information.