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About me

Hi, my name is Sandy Ruminski.  I am an Evidential Medium and a Reiki Master Teacher.

The number one question that most people ask me is

“How did you become a Medium ?” I’m not exactly sure how to answer this, but I can give you my background. learning and growth process that I was not born a medium, I was not hit on the head, or in any severe accident. I did not have a near death experience or go through any type of formal education on mediumship. What I can tell you is that one major life event for me changed the course of my life. This life event was tragic at the time and never in my life would I have thought that this event would be the single most important event in my life that would point me in the direction of my purpose here on this earth.

My formal education is in the area of music. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education way back in 1982. When I entered college I didn’t know who or what I wanted to be, so I chose something that I was “interested” in. I never taught music, but at least I had a degree. I have worked in the service field most of my life, with breaks in-between to become a Mom. I moved quite a bit early in our lives for different job choices. I have lived in Canada, Indiana, California and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is home for me and I really enjoy being close to family and friends.

I started my family late in life. We were thrilled when we had our son Tim in 2001. I was 40 at the time, so our lifestyle really changed. We were also thrilled that we became pregnant again in 2002. Tim was only a little over a year old when we found out that we were having a little girl. This would be so perfect. Life has a way of giving us challenges and one of our biggest challenges was going to happen very shortly. Very late in the pregnancy we found out that our little girl had some medical situations in which we would not be able to overcome. This was the single most tragic life event that led me on the path I am on today. At the time I never would have entertained the thought that this loss would be the event that would give me the most peace I have ever known. Her loss and her sacrifice made me the medium and intuitive I am today.

My search for peace brought me to several teachers. Lisa J Smith was the first teacher on my path and I will never forget how glad I am to know this special soul. Lisa is an intuitive and medium who had a radio show on CBS. I was ironing one day and found this station on the internet. She was so down to earth and I remember calling her to try to connect with our daughter. She was of course able to connect, but most importantly taught me that everything you need to go on is within yourself. There is no one that can tell you where to go or what to do better than yourself. There is no magic in doing intuitive work. Your inner voice is the voice you should be listening to. Lisa taught me the value of teaching others to trust their own inner voice. In the process I found that mediumship was my specialty. I have trained with Lori Mann and Matthew Smith from Arthur Findlay College. I have also taken classes with Deborah King, who is an incredible energy healer.

Evidential Medium Podcast

My free monthly podcast can be found at the Podbean link below