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Intuitive Angel Readings

`` Intuitive Angel Readings are a great way to help confirm some of the things that you have been thinking. ``

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You can now schedule your reading immediately.  Choose the date/time that fits into your schedule.

Intuitive Angel Readings

This is a one hour session with you and the angels. Great first time reading ! The angels come through with messages, as well as your spirit guides and animal totems. There is no mediumship involved, but sometimes someone will come through to add to the messages. You can have this reading over the phone, or in person. I will contact you when I receive payment to set up your reading date and time.

Three Card Angel Readings

This is a great way to dip your toe in the metaphysical water. A three card reading is a snapshot of what is going on around you right now. It might have to do a little bit with your past and future, but most of it is what is going on around you at this moment. This is a MP3 reading that I do and send to you. Please allow three business days for the reading.

One Question Reading

I call this the “help me angels” reading. If you really need advice about one thing and have just one question-this is the reading for you. I can deliver it via MP3 within 24 hours. I will email you after you purchase and ask you what your question is. I will respond to that question within 24 hours.

Three Month or Six Month Forecast

The three month forecast is a great way to see what angels are around you and what is going on around you now and in the future. The three month forecast can run anywhere from three months to a year. The six month can be anywhere from six months to a year. I like to call it more of a three or six part reading. We all have free will, so no one can accurately predict the future. This is more of a way to help focus you on your short term goals. This reading is delivered via MP3.

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