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Personal Mediumship Readings

The most special of all readings is the one on one reading. Sometimes it is just nice to have a private reading. This is for a one on one-in person reading. You can expect messages from your angels and spirit guides, as well as signs and messages from those that have passed. It is not unusual to have pets come through as well. I have a digital recorder and will send you the file of your reading via email. The private reading is for one person, but you can bring someone along to write or record your messages if you think that would be helpful. My readings are done at my home office in Green Bay, WI . If you choose to go with a phone reading, I will record the session for you and send it to you after the reading. It doesn’t matter where you are-a phone reading is a nice option for those of you that are out of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, or just like being in the comfort of your own home.

$100.00 Private In-Person personal reading-Pay for on day of service/cash , check or credit card

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$70.00 Private phone reading

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Group Readings/Special Events

Group readings are a nice way to share messages with a group of family and friends. This is a two hour event, with a maximum of four people. I have done bigger groups, but felt that the messages were too short. With four people, each of you gets about a twenty five minute reading. You can choose to have all of the readings done in one room, or have a private room for individual sessions. These group readings are so much fun and most people choose to share their messages in a group setting. If you want more people to attend, to just listen in and not experience a reading, they can attend for an additional $20.00 charge. A lot of times, people want to experience the readings, but don’t want readings themselves. This is a nice option if you plan on having a larger gathering.

$50.00 per person, minimum four (2 hour session)
To schedule any of the above readings, please email me at healing03mom@yahoo.com, or call me at 920-366-4473. I accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Cash or personal checks.

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